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Which Mentorship Component Is Your Interest

An investment of almost three decades of marketplace business, itinerant and Pastoral  ministry has prepared the founder and visionary of The Lady Leader Academy to teach fundamental and character-based leadership skills.   TLLA offers a variety of curriculum based studies to develop and enhance leaders globally.

TLLA has developed proven courses of study which will meet the needs of each student and prepare the entrepreneur or up-and-rising entrepreneur to begin and maintain a standard of excellence in their ministry an/or business.   

TLLA has partnered with professionals in the field of business, character and professional moral and ethical practices.  These practices are welcomed in the ministry, marketplace, and educational arenas.

TLLA  Study Curriculum


A 1- or 2-day Seminar/Workshop to engage and prepare your team to present your ministry or business in excellence.  

The seminar delivers hands-on tools, materials and visual products to market your endeavor  professionally and effectively.

  •  Social Networking: The Positive Power of Internet Marketing
  • The "Way" of the Web
  • Excellent Exhibiting - Grammatical and Typographical Awareness
  • Creating and Designing Marketing Material

 Business Mentorship I                                                            

  • A four-month course of study to establish,  develop and maintain a marketplace presence.  Presenting your business so that it is not only long lasting, but that the legacy also lives on. BM-1 provides an insight to mountain experiences as well as valley challenges in the marketplace.
  • Legalizing Your Legacy-Incorporation/Basic Tax Info            
  • Time Management  
  • Execution and Implementation

Personal Development Mentoring I
A four-month course of study which is divided into brackets of scheduling.  PDM-1 allows the student to take a self-inventory before launching into the deep.  This course is also for the entrepreneur or ministry vocation individual who desires the need to serve more effectively and develop or enhance skills and tools.

  • Setting Realistic Goals
  • Developing and Executing Realistic Expectations
  • Physical and Mental Health Approach to Wellness 



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