"Pastor BJ", is a key-note speaker, who delivers with power and impact! She flows in the anointing. A prolific orator of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, Pastor BJ is one who not only speaks the Word of God. She LIVES the Word of God!

A gifted and anointed woman of God, Pastor BJ has the ability to "rightly divide" the Word of truth through preaching and teaching. A student of the gospel, the Lord has deposited a Word within her that offers an avenue of hope for all. Her ministry is to inspire, challenge and transfrom all and to embrace the Lord as you experience the WORD of the Lord.

Pastor BJ is available to minister in the following:

  • Key Note Speaker
  • Conferences
  • Seminars
  • Workshops

One of the most important and key elements of ministry is proper maintenance.  Proper maintenance of ministry allows proper development of leaders and lay stewards. (

Integrity and proper ministry management, includes Incorporation of your ministry with proper status with your state of residence. WOW designs your incorporation package, which includes, by laws and ministry structure definition of non-profit status.

Our 501(c)3 service includes application, preparation of your 1023 form, a review of your organizing documents and IRS follow-up.

The recognition of your organization as 501(c)3 tax exempt by the IRS offers numerous advantages and is critical to your organization . The primary benefits of 501c3 status include tax deductions for all donors, grant money eligibility, lower postage rates for 501c3 tax exempt organizations and increased credibility among the public.

Words of Wisdom Provides

  • 501C3 Not For Profit Organization Package
  • Ministry Incorporation
  • Local Newspaper Notification
  • Ministry Brand Development
*Please contact The Lady Leader for your individual quote*

"Branding" is creating an identity for an organization, service, product, or event. Identity creation usually begins with a visual mark or logo, and carries that look or theme throughout a marketing campaign that introduces or broadens the appeal of a product or service.

WOW will incorporate your logo the visual cornerstone of the branding effort, so that it  works  in harmony with all of the supporting elements of the "brand": correspondence, promotions, web sites, apparel, banners and signage, specialty products, multimedia, etc.

John the Baptist and Jesus himself were masters of promotion, preparing us for the ultimate gift- God's salvation - in every creative way they could. By speaking  in parables, walking on water, healing the sick, to promote Himself, but to point to His main gift - God's redemptive love.

Branding is not your ministry's enemy. It is one of your greatest allies. So...allow WOW to work with your ministry and/or business to develop a level of ministry maintenance which exposes you to the highways and hedges; therefore compelling them to come to YOU!


Wedding Officiant

Pastor B. J. is a licensed counselor. Her specialty is pre-marital and marital counseling. It is the heart of this leader to "listen" with her whole heart and to specifically address areas which are in need of recovery and resolution.

Mentoring is second nature to Pastor BJ. Her mentorship spans throughout the United States and abroad. Pastor BJ provides an atmosphere of trust and confidentiality which is key to long term mentorship and successful partnerships.

As a wedding officiant, Pastor BJ will provide a professional and heart warming air to your wedding ceremony.  Please note: Pastor BJ does NOT officiate any wedding ceremony without prior counseling before ceremony.


Pastor BJ has a manner of listening to your heart to provide tools and guidance in presenting your public ministry.

John The Baptist was one of the most profound and prolific "marketing agents" as he prepared the way for the forthcoming ministry of Jesus the Messiah. "The voice of one crying in the wilderness, Prepare ye the way of the Lord, make his paths straight." Mark 1:3


WOW offers a One-Day Seminar/Workshop to engage and prepare your team to present your ministry in excellence.  

The seminar delivers hands on tools, materials and visual products to market your ministry professionally and effectively.  Submit your request on our contact page for availability of dates and a presentation quote.*

Social Networking: The Positive Power

Internet Marketing- The "Way" of the Web

Excellent Exhibiting - Grammatical and Typographical Awareness

Creating and designing marketing 



*Business Cards

Pastor BJ has over 24 years experience in designing a specific "brand" for businesses and ministries. The tagline for her prior company, NAMAR Associates was "Our Specialty Is Making You Special"  The Lord has since "enlarged her territory" by globally presenting  the Lady Leader for businesses and ministries.

Pastor BJ is presently the Exexutive  Director of The Women Of Power Network, which promotes and produces ministry media which inspires and presents your ministry with power!

Contact us to design and create your brand with excellence.  A brand that represents YOU!

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