Lady Leader Gear

Lady Leader Luminary Light

4 oz. candle to set the mood when you are taking time from leading and focusing on YOU!

$10.00 + 2.95 S&H
Lady Leader Mask

Protect yourself and others while proclaiming your Kingdom status with this mask.

$10.00 + 2.95 S&H

Lady Leader Tee

This tee brightly displays the royalty of an exquisite Lady Leader
$13.00 + 2.49 Shipping.  
Please select the appropriate size
Available Sizes:  Large - X-Large

Lady Leader Mug

Enjoy your daily beverage, drinking wisdom and grace, from your very own Lady Leader Mug.
US 9.99

Lady Leader Statement Pillow

Lounge on your luxurious Lady Leader Statement Pillow.
Decree and declare that you are a Lady Leader!
US 12.99 - Outside US Addl 5.95


Lady Leader Statement Launch Pad

Stand on the truth that you are purposed to be a Lady Leader. Walk gracefully on this 18" x 27" mat and launch into your destiny!



Lady Leader Loading Tote Bag

The Ultimate Lady Leader Loading Bag provides adequate space to load your daily planning tools for success.  Load your wisdom-building gear to provide knowledge for yourself and others in a classy and fashionable tote bag.

$12.99 + 2.49 S&H


 The Lady Leader Book

A must read for the lady leader. The Lady Leader explores the many facets by identifying and embracing the individuality and feminine sensitivity. The re-launched and revised edition identifies the weight and wealth of wisdom deposited within the walk of the Lady Leader.

11.99 + 2.49 S&H


 The Lady Leader Morning Manna Manual

Mentor your mornings with daily manna. Develop qualities and characteristics designed for you without becoming a "carbon copy"  of other lady leaders.  The LL Morning Manna Manual is a 31-day devotional along with provision to include your LL Notes and Miracle Mornings!
11.99 + 2.49 S&H


 Lady Leader Gift Pack

This set combines the Lady Leader Book and the Lady Leader Morning Manna Manual. This catalyst for growth, development and consistency is great for study groups, corporate and individual mentoring sessions and sister-circles.

$20.99 Includes shipping in the Continental US

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